Esiet: a new business in the Hi Tech and ICT world

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Esiet: a new business in the Hi Tech and ICT world

Esiet is a highly specialized company resulting from the merger of two companies, Medan and Esiet: Esiet is qualified to assist with the planning, design, implementation and management of any kind of ICT infrastructure.

Esiet was born at the end of 2012 from the merger of Esiet and Medan: this new business venture provides a broad range of high quality integrated services in the field of ICT infrastructure solutions.

Maurizio Andreoli, Esiet’s CEO:

We wanted to create a new business reality, more structured, able to grow and expand. Most of all, it’s about being able to adapt to a marketplace that’s constantly changing and becoming more and more demanding

Throughout their fifteen years of activity, Esiet and Medan have achieved important results thanks to their expertise, their project management and business analysis skills and consulting experience.

Edgardo Andreoli, Medan CEO:

Our clients are becoming more and more selective. They specifically ask for a supplier that is financially stable, competent, flexible and able to offer high-quality services

Esiet offers an integrated range of products and services such as global services, building and maintenance oftechnological systems and renewable energy systems. Esiet is also an IT system integrator and consulting firm, also covering technology, outsourcing and cloud-based managed services. Moreover, Esiet has forgedpartnerships with the best vendors of leading edge products in the industry.