The Infrastructure & Hi-Tech Building Services division comprises all the Global Services operations, such as the design, development and management of a wide range of technological and renewable energy production systems, maintenance services and facility management.

Moreover, partnerships with the leading vendors enable Esiet to sell a significant amount of products.

General Contractor

Esiet puts itself forward as a contact for global turnkey developments of civil and industrial sites, hi-tech IT environments such as server farms, data processing centres and trading rooms, multimedia rooms and commercial premises where comfort and design play a significant role. By taking a Global Service approach, Esiet’s delivery of projects and supplies begins with a careful study of the environment and is followed by a detailed design on the basis of the client’s exact requirements. Esiet stands out for its organisational ability, allowing it to complete work within the agreed timeframes.

Thanks to its approach – characterised by a global vision of the problems associated with design, development, management and maintenance operations – Esiet’s offerings have been enriched and have evolved over time, focusing increasingly on the quality of the solutions and the planned development programmes, as well as on the financial aspects.

For Esiet, developing projects with a global vision means technological integration accompanied by flexibility, speed, good communications and customisation, as well as interactive services and a detailed assessment of the spaces, environmental features, organisational processes and personnel. It is about moving forward, while keeping costs down. Client satisfaction is Esiet’s main objective.

The company does not just provide a service or a product, but offers the client a global vision of the technical and organisational aspects, with a multitude of appropriate skills for the actual development of the projects, playing what is increasingly perceived to be a fundamental and strategic proactive role. The Global Service approach, supported by project management, means the client can rest assured that a single stakeholder is responsible for the entire project, throughout all its various phases.

This type of approach is particularly useful and appreciated in “turnkey” projects for hi-tech IT environments such as:

Energy efficiency, comfort and design can be of great importance in environments such as these and have to be reproduced on a large scale. It is also extremely important to respect the time-to-market.

Energy Efficiency

Energy, in all its forms – and most of all electricity – is one of the most important cost elements for every company: energy efficiency improvements can reduce utility bills and enhance production.

Moreover, energy generated by combustion means more carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

European legislation

Emission reduction, energy savings and environmental protection become more and more relevant in a company management strategy and stem from the legislation which aims to ensure the European Union meets its ambitious climate and energy targets for 2020:

A 20% reduction in gas emissions
A 20% improvement in energy efficiency
Raising the share of energy consumption produced from renewable resources to 20%;

Esiet can help companies meet these energy efficiency goals

Through its Business Unit Infrastructure & Hi-Tech Building Services, Esiet can run a comprehensive evaluation to help meet the needs of an effective ways to reduce the amount of energy consumed.

Esiet can implement the necessary actions to achieve:

  • renewable energy production
  • energy efficiency of lighting and air-conditioning systems energy efficiency
  • power source and electric power distribution systems

Energy savings and enhanced energy management can be really cost-effective and have short payback times.

Tracking and measuring the energy used is the very first step and Esiet can provide the necessary infrastructure – sensors, measurements and monitoring tools and plan a roadmap that will take a business from an “as-is” to the desired “to-be” infrastructure. Esiet can support companies in the road to implement strategic vertical solutions like:

Maintenance Services

The maintenance of a system or an entire property and its outbuildings, as part of total building management, is geared towards guaranteeing its constant utilisation, conserving its value and keeping its performance as consistently high as possible over its useful life cycle, ensuring that technical upgrades are made and compliance is achieved with the latest legislation. For all installation types, Esiet offers:

  • programmed maintenance for all installation types;
  • 24h services;
  • telephone and on-site services.

The guidelines that characterise Esiet’s maintenance service offering are a direct result of the total quality approach, which characterises the way in which the company operates:

  • proactive anomaly management;
  • prompt reporting of significant faults to the management;
  • client comments box for support in line with business expectations;
  • constant alignment of specialist documentation;
  • measurement of services offered and consequent striving for ongoing improvement;
  • continuous professional development for specialists via training courses and shadowing qualified personnel;
  • response to client requirements with a view to ongoing improvement;
  • reliable, precise and consistent service provision;
  • service provided by highly professional specialists;
  • fast services and handling of on-demand work.

The Global Integrated Maintenance Portal (GIM)
In order to ensure a total building management service in line with client expectations, Esiet has developed a web application, the global integrated maintenance (GIM) portal, which makes it possible to:

  • survey all installations covered by the service so as to maintain the property and its constituent parts correctly;
  • identify the most suitable maintenance strategies in relation to the property’s characteristics;
  • instruct technicians on the maintenance work to be carried out, promoting the accurate and efficient execution of the co-ordinated operations;
  • permit each client, in possession of its own account and access password, to consult the progress of the activities regarding its installations, equipment and property;
  • provide every client with evidence of all installations covered by the total building management process, all the (macro) components comprising the various installations and technical data, technical drawings and images concerning the installation;
  • provide each client with evidence of the ordinary maintenance work programme.

GIM is a real “Programmed maintenance dashboard”, providing an overall vision of the individual activities and, more specifically, providing the following information for each piece of maintenance work:

  • last execution date;
  • next maintenance date agreed with the client;
  • days remaining until the end of the programmed activity.

Over the years, Esiet has built up firm partnerships with the most important installation technology and IT manufacturers and is therefore able to handle significant product supplies efficiently and reliably, at highly competitive prices.